Areas of Practice

The Transition to Parenthood

The transition to parenthood is often a time of excitement but also a time of great change and disruption. Thinking together about the impact the arrival of a baby will have on your relationship and lifestyle can alleviate many stressors and fears. Strengthening your foundation of friendship and intimacy will aid in your ability to move through the journey of parenthood with less conflict and more joy.  The greatest gift you can give your child is a strong relationship between you and your partner.


There are parts of the self that want to be recognized and connected to. However, what often occurs is that these more sensitive parts are hidden away or overly protected for fear of being hurt. This over protection can lead to isolation in relationships, holding you back from deepening connections to others and to life experiences. Psychotherapy is an opportunity for emotional growth and to gain new perspective on yourself and your relationships.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & depression isn’t something you can just get over. Perhaps you’ve been telling yourself it will just go away, or that having low energy or racing thoughts is just normal. You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence and suffering from depression or anxiety is not a character flaw. Depression can present in a multitude of ways; feeling tired a majority of the time, lack of focus and a loss of pleasure in activities, or perhaps problems sleeping (too much or too little.) As for anxiety, all of us have worries, but when worries and fear become persistent and you go out of your way to avoid or control situations, that is more than worry, that is anxiety. Psychotherapy can help alleviate these symptoms and facilitate greater insight and understanding. 

The Creative Process

The ability to see things in a fresh way is vital to the creative process. However, if feelings of self-doubt, anxiety or depression plague your thoughts, your creative process is interrupted. Psychotherapy is a useful way to deepen creativity, become unstuck and regain a sense of pleasure in your own process.